Be Ecstatic


$99.95 per month

$99.95 per year

for BOTH of you

HappierCouples Checkup

There are three proven ways to improve or repair your relationship. This is step #1: Without knowing what is really going on in your relationship, you are unlikely to fix anything.
Without any doubt, all Members should take this assessment (It cannot be administered for free. It is the most heavily scientifically-validated assessments in history….taken by 6,000,000 people.

It will identify your relationship\u2019s strengths and weaknesses.

It is a must-have for any partner who wants to improve or repair their relationship.

HappierCouples Action Plan

his is step #2: Now that you have the scientific validation about your relationship, someone must guide you to bring your relationship to where it could be….where it should be:

What is the value of your relationship happiness? This is your personalized guidance action plan. You will save time and avoid so many problems when you see the easier steps you can take.

Help From the Best

The cost of a therapist is easily $100 – $250 per hour. Yet, when you\u2019re an Ecstatic Member you get special assistance for FREE!

Beginning next month, you will be invited to attend an ongoing series of nightly, live tele-seminars. One of the smartest Relationship Experts in America will devote the hour to answering questions for you and other Ecstatic Members. Priority is given to people who enroll first.

Live Q&A conversations with most well-known experts in special, invitation-ONLY teleseminars
Discount Privileges Program
You can easily save $200+ every month of your membership; even though your membership costs you less than $9 per month!

* Go to the movies of your choice for just $6 per ticket!
* Take 10% off almost 100 major retailers!
* Save $25 from dinners at 13,000+ fantastic restaurants!
* 10-70% savings on many health & pharmaceutical costs!

Unlimited use of all Concierges

You are given VIP concierge treatment!

Enjoy the many benefits from having your own Couples Personal Assistant

Unlimited multimedia use of the Relationship Expert Comparison System to help guide you to your right solutions
Unlimited access to entire website

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