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I have researched marriage and relationship education as a faculty psychiatrist at Brown University, webmaster of the largest non-commercial website devoted to men and marriage, and an author of three books on marriage and family. During that time, I have been intimately involved with brainstorming and development of numerous relationship sites. I have sustained doubts about the viability of all of these sites. Until now.

After I met Jeff and Cindy Ullman, I am confident that — not only has the time come for a commercially viable relationship-maintenance website — but that they are the ones to do it. They are implementing a plan that others have no — by linking a profound insight into consumer needs, with knowledge about how to answer those needs through electronic communication. For example, they have compiled hundreds of hours of interviews with leading relationship experts. These video clips are not those of stuffed-shirted academics (yes, I am an academic, but my shirt is not stuffed), but of the most engaging and beloved relationship experts in the world, ones who have been seen on Oprah, Dr. Phil and other national news and talk shows.

Simply, I am impressed with how they are uniquely deploying relationship tools in their couples’ concierge support system. It’s no secret that relationships that foster healthy communication thrive; they found a way to provide nurturance for relationships by giving cognitive, behavioral and practical tools that are proven to work. Their Internet site seeks to sustain the positive vibes that you have when you meet your mate, and provide immediate feedback and solutions to their relationship questions and dilemmas. It’s like getting personal advice from the world’s experts in seconds.

Will people pay for it? Few people could have predicted the success of eHarmony or because everyone underestimated the capabilities of electronic matching. Do not underestimate the power of electronic bonding! The Ullmans haven’t, and they have found a way to communicate their passion to the general community. Part of their genius is recruiting the top experts to promote their site.

Ultimately, maintaining relationships requires more than knowledge and action; ask any happily married man—it requires some financial investment. Whether the problem is house hunting, starting a new hobby, finding a vacation spot, buying jewelry or sending flowers, this site will provide excellent quality information (and enable its subscribers to benefit from discounted goods and services) leading to happier and healthier relationships.

How they are succeeding when others either haven’t thought of this or figured it out, is because of their shrewd application of the entrepreneurial tools that matter most: charm, tenacity, knowledge, experience and a passion for doing something great. Spend a few moments with either one and these characteristics shine through. (If you want a bit more humility, though, then you can always take Cindy aside and talk to her!) But Jeff has every reason to be proud—he was the guy who took his great idea and is turning it into a great product.

Scott Haltzman, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Brown University Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior Author,” The Secrets of Happy Families: Eight keys to building a lifetime of connection and contentment,” “The Secrets of Happily Married Men: Eight Ways to Win Your Wife’s Heart Forever,” & “The Secrets of Happily Married Women: How to get more out of your relationship by doing less.”

HappierCouples is an incredibly creative idea whose time has come – a one-stop-shop to help couples increase their marital happiness. They’ve got it all – everything from expert advice to discount dates. I’m highly optimistic that in again harnessing the latest technology, HappierCouples will do for marriage what Great Expectations did for matchmaking.

Diane Sollee
Founder and Director, The Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education;

Falling in love is easy, but staying in love is not quite as easy. features some of this nation’s top experts on relationships who answer the tough questions about making marriages work. Visit often and bring your spouse! Your marriage will be glad you did.

Michele Weiner-Davis
Internationally renowned relationship expert, best-selling author, marriage therapist, and professional speaker who specializes in helping people change their lives and improve important relationships.

Dating sites get singles hooked up, but then what? Couples need help keeping it together. Dating sites should continue helping their clients after they’ve hooked them up. They need guidance on how to keep it together. The dating site is positioned perfectly to help them understand the potential failure modes of their relationship based on their character, but they’d have a hard time doing it with their own brand.

Sociologically speaking, there’s a need for couples to get quality help and training. Business wise, there’s a void in services that are truly effective in providing good quality help and guidance. Single people pay about $3B a year to dating sites worldwide to help them find someone suitable for their needs and character. They spend billions more getting married, and billions more trying to figure out how to get divorced. It’s not just Americans who should spend their money on guidance instead of divorce. Jeff Ullman has the experience, credentials and vision to help fill this business void, and if he doesn’t do it now, someone else will get around to it; maybe not as well, but someone will figure something must be done.”

Mark Brooks
Editor,; Analyst/Courtland Brooks

What would it mean to your relationship if you could eliminate all the inconvenient and minor details that can too easily trigger a squabble and rob you of a happy weekend and much more a happier relationship? HappierCouples is your one stop on the web to do just that. And if you need a little more of a nudge to get your relationship on track, it is also the place to go to get the quickest relationship fixes from some of the most experienced and respect couple therapists in the world.

“This is not your parents’ marriage education. Actions DO speak louder than words and Happier Couples is just what this doctor ordered to get couples on track to the happiness they want in their relationship. This is what 21st Century marriages need.”

Mark Goulston, M.D.
Best-selling author of 4 books including, “Just Listen!” (September 2009); “The 6 Secrets of a Lasting Relationship: How to Fall in Love Again…and Stay There;” and “Get Out of Your Own Way at Work.” One of America’s Top Psychiatrists 2009, 2005, 2004 (Consumers’ Research Council of America)

What would it mean to your relationship if you could eliminate all the inconvenient and minor details that can too easily trigger a squabble and rob you of a happy weekend and much more a happier relationship? HappierCouples is your one stop on the web to do just that. And if you need a little more of a nudge to get your relationship on track, it is also the place to go to get the quickest relationship fixes from some of the most experienced and respect couple therapists in the world.

We are excited about collaborating with Jeff and Cindy Ullman, Founders of They and their team are passionate about helping couples with innovative new approaches. I’ve not met anyone in the field with as much energy and vision for igniting a more effective outreach to couples as Jeff. Best of all, everyone is invited to be part of the project. Life Innovations continues to support their efforts now and going forward, and we continue to do the same.

Peter Larson, Ph.D.
President, Life Innovations, Inc. – Co-Author of ‘The Couples Checkup’, the most universally praised marital diagnostic tool, taken by almost 3,000,000 couples

I have known Jeffrey Ullman for more than 20 years. During this time he has displayed two critical characteristics for successful entrepreneurs. One, he has the ability to communicate. And, not just communicate, but to be totally focused in his words and in his emotions to the listening public. Jeffrey’s other magnificent trait is his ability to identify a trend in advance, and then capitalize on it. Could there be two more important qualities? I don’t think so.

Jeffrey’s latest venture is designed to a small group of individuals…. every single person in a relationship! In other words, a huge market. The catch: ”Do you want to be in a happier relationship?” Is there a catch? The question isn’t focused on whether you are happy, but whether you would like to be happier. Who wouldn’t? is a new web-based community and tool, designed to meet the customized needs of every couple, despite age or orientation. It is actually like having an in-house concierge, which reminds you when your partner’s birthday is, provides resources on where to buy things, where to go out and dine, and will even (in an anonymous manner) give you insight into what your partner may be going through, just by asking others in the community.

The features have the right appeal. People can use it as much or as little as they want. You don’t even need to tell anyone….it can be each of our secret weapon. This is the right web-based community and the right time.

From a media perspective, it’s absolutely “on trend”. For the past few years, television reality shows and media in general, have focused on individuals achingly searching for love, matches and/or companionships. The needle has now moved: We are now on the precipice. From cable, to television to syndication, all the programming is focused on “coupledom”. Whether it’s Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Dr. Phil rehabbing broken marriages, to the upcoming Jerry Seinfeld reality comedy “The Marriage Ref”, everyone is looking to the concept of becoming a “happier couple.” And, with all this scripted and non-scripted fare on, or about to hit, our television news, talk shows and magazine-format shows will report on it. No question about that. And, is poised to be at the center of all this.

The company that I am proud to lead is the largest marketing communications firm in Los Angeles, and the leader in merging entertainment and lifestyle with popular culture. We see a lot of trendy concepts, business and people. What distinguishes HappierCouples (and Jeff and Cindy Ullman) is they have grasped what is so urgently needed, so hugely over-looked by other companies, and have infused it with just what couples (like myself) will open their wallets for.

Michael Nyman
Chairman & CEO, Bragman, Nyman, Cafarelli

I have known Jeffrey Ullman since 1990. My husband and I were his Great Expectations’ franchisees throughout the 1990’s for two locations in different states. Since then I’ve worked with him, for him, and beside him, investing in and consulting on various dating industry projects.

Jeffrey has always been an outside the box thinker, an innovator, a visionary, and he is one of the dating industry’s most influential builders.

I am thrilled to see that his focus today is on enriching relationships through HappierCouples. It amazes me that no one has yet created a large scale company that helps develop love, happiness and fulfilment among couples. It’s a fabulous idea and Jeffrey is likely to be the one to do it and make a giant success of it.

Julie Ferman
Founder/CEO, Cupid’s Coach; Board Member, International Association of Matchmakers

I think that what comes up for me about what HappierCouples does, is that in my view — sort of like me — selected by the collective unconscious to bring this new consciousness above the radar into cultural consciousness, and contribute to this project of bringing about peace on earth by helping couples become conscious of the resources in their relationship, not only for their personal happiness, but for the happiness of their children, and ultimately for the transformation of the world. And you’re a part of that movement, and maybe in some ways because you’re sort of new at bringing Internet resources to couples who are married, that you’re sort of ahead of the pack in helping create that consciousness. I salute you.

Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.
Best-Selling Author (25+ million books). Oprah chose Harville Hendrix in her “Top 20 Moments” list of Unforgettable! Oprah’s Top 20 Shows” in a feature celebrating 20 years of the show.

The Internet provides new ways to help people in relationships, either new relationships or existing relationships. From what I’ve seen, HappierCouples is a milestone. One of the things I’ve seen about it that I like a great deal is the fact that it collects a lot of information, which then it sends back to you on an ongoing basis in a gentle way to help your relationship stay strong. It takes away some of the effort. Sometimes it’s almost a strain for you to figure out day to day to day, what do I do to keep my relationship strong. It becomes kind of your conscience sitting on your shoulder; collecting best information about you, your relationship and your partner; and then reminding you — gentle reminders I call them — about what you could be doing to make things better between the two of you. I know of nothing else like this. I think it’s truly a service, and I do not do ads. This is not a paid ad, I’m just telling you my own observation as a professional.

Robert Epstein, Ph.D.
Former editor-in-chief of Psychology; currently a contributing editor for Scientific American Mind, a columnist (“The Skeptical Psychologist”) for Skeptical Inquirer magazine, and a visiting scholar at the University of California San Diego; founder and Director Emeritus of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies in Massachusetts.

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